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Why Landscaping Matters (It’s Not Just About Looks)

Landscaping is about more than looks. A thoughtful landscape can provide a sense of well being and improves your quality of life by serving many practical purposes.

Here are some of the lesser-known benefits of proper landscaping.

It Prevents Damage

Just because you don’t see massive landslides, doesn’t mean that erosion isn’t occurring.

Large, open areas of grass and soil, like the type in your yard, lack compaction. This means that the soil is often loose and erodes easily.

Plants, trees and gardens stabilize land and prevent erosion. Deep roots hold soil together and help absorb rainwater and make sure it doesn’t build up.

It Creates Security & Boundaries

Shrubs, trees and grass can all work as a natural barrier around your home.

Without the need for heavy and expensive walls or fences, trees and shrubs can create boundaries around your home that provide natural privacy.

You can collaborate with your landscaper on plant layering ideas for the places where you might want a bit more seclusion.

Trees Have A Practical Function

Did you know that trees can help to cut your heating and cooling bills?

Trees near your house serve as a windbreaker in the winter. This reduces heating bills by slowing the amount of cold air that enters your home on windy days.

In the Summer, trees also provide natural shade which allows you to use less air conditioning.

For more, check out this list of the Top 22 Benefits Of Trees you never knew!

It Improves Well Being

Nature is calming and beautiful landscapes promote better mental health.

Though the healing benefits of nature are often the last thing we think of, they are one of the most important reasons why landscaping matters.

Properly landscaped public and private outdoor spaces are an important part of living in a thriving community.

Simply spending time in a beautiful, serene, outdoor environment can help you destress at the end of the day.

The next time you’re planning your landscaping needs, remember to pay attention to how the space will make you feel.

Good landscaping can make your environment safe, secure and functional. So put some thought into your outdoor spaces and you will see benefits far beyond aesthetics!

Does landscaping matter to you? Contact us today to get a free quote!

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