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Resilient Plants For Beginners That Are Hard To Kill

Updated: May 9, 2019

Some plants are easier to care for than others.

If you love having plants in your home, but are always afraid you’ll kill them, the following varieties are the perfect place to start.

Aloe Vera

Succulents like Aloe Vera are a great plant for anyone who travels or is away for days at a time.

Forgetting to water plants is one of the most common mistakes new owners make. While all plants need water to live, most succulent varieties can go days and even weeks with little to no watering.

Succulents actually prefer to sit in dry soil between waterings, so forgetting to water it won’t be detrimental.

Snake Plants

Snake plants are another resilient succulent that can retain a lot of moisture in its leaves.

Care for snake plants simply by putting them in a bright spot and watering them sparingly.

Since over-care and overwatering is a leading cause of snake plant death, a little neglect is actually preferred.


Known for their resilience, ferns are one of the most popular easy to care for plant varieties.

Ferns thrive in light but shady conditions, so putting them near a north-facing window will always keep them happy.

Ferns also like humidity, making them the perfect plant to have in or near your bathroom.

Here’s a list of the best ferns to grow indoors.

Rubber Plants

Rubber plants are great if you’re looking for an easy plant that is larger or more tree-like.

Though it is a tropical plant, it will quickly adapt to indoor life. A misting of the leaves in between waterings will keep this plant happy and thriving like they would in their native habitat.

Rubber plants are great for beginners who want a bit more responsibility, but still don’t have a lot of time.

They also respond well to pruning, so you can customize it according to the size required for your space.

“Rubber plants growing in low light can get a little leggy and floppy because they’re trying to stretch out and reach more light. Don’t panic if this happens! Simply prune stems back to a leaf (so you don’t leave a bare, ugly stem stump hanging out) and plants will branch as they regrow.” - Miracle Grow


Lavender tends to be a low maintenance plant no matter which variety you choose. It’s pest resistant and can survive temperature and environment changes.

Lavender will also provide you with a lot of fragrance and vibrant colour with little to no effort - a great plant for those also looking to get into outdoor gardening for the first time.

Any plant you choose to own will require some care, but picking one that fits your lifestyle will make things a lot easier.

So whether you’re new to plants, have already killed a few, or simply don’t have the time to be meticulous about care, these resilient plant varieties are a great place to start!

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