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How To Protect Your Winter Landscape

“We all know we need to protect ourselves in the winter. Hats, gloves, scarves and boots are essential during the colder months. But what about protecting our property? Similarly, our lawns, shrubs, trees and stonework need to be properly maintained and protected.” - Van Beeks Landscape

Even if you’ve already had snowfall in your area, here are some tips you can use to protect your landscape this winter.

Protect Your Landscape By Continuing To Water Your Plants & Grass

Plants go dormant in the winter, but it’s still important to remember to water them.

“Don’t neglect watering grass and shrubs. When the weather gets cold, we often stop maintaining landscaping features—but the need for water doesn’t go away just because the weather is cold.” - Buildium

When watering plants, make sure to get moisture down deep into the ground. This will prevent both the water and the roots from freezing, and nourish your landscape all season long!

Protect Your Landscape By Wrapping Shrubs, Bushes and Trees

“Wintertime brings out the rawest version of our trees. They’re bare. They’re exposed. And they must survive in harsh, dry air amidst bitter cold temperatures.” -

Wrapping shrubs, bushes and trees in the winter helps to keep them warm during the freezing temperatures. It can also reduce moisture loss that occurs when trees are left unprotected.

Protect Your Landscape By Winterizing Your Sprinklers

Sub-zero temperatures can wreak havoc on your irrigation system.

“Immediate damage can occur to exposed pipes and sprinkler equipment with the first freeze of winter. Further damage can result as extended freezing temperatures and wind chill conditions cause the soil to freeze at the same depth as the underground pipes.” - Angie’s List

Whether you have a single hose or an extensive watering system, make sure to shut off all your external water sources and completely drain any remaining water. This will ensure pipes don’t crack or burst from expanding liquid.

Protect Your Landscape By Shielding Plants From Road Salt

Salt is harsh and corrosive. Just think about what the average sidewalk salt can do to your shoes or the underside of your car.

“When the ice melts, the salts wash into the soil and quickly build up to a toxic level. The melted mixture leaves plants with ample moisture in the ground. But the plants are unable to absorb any of it because of all the salt.” -

Try your best to keep salt away from plants and trees. If you happen to accidentally get salt onto your plants, hose them off as soon as possible!

The Canadian winter can do a number on your property. If you’ve spent a lot of time perfecting your landscape, you’ll want to protect it so that it lasts. Follow these tips and you’ll see your plants and garden flourish through the cold!

Need help with your landscape this winter? Contact us today to get a FREE quote - we’d love to help!

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