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How To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

The Canadian winters can take a massive toll on your property. But, don’t fret! There’s lots you can do to encourage a smoother transition into the harsher months.

All it takes is a little preparation, pruning and cleaning. So, before your landscape turns down for the winter, here are a few things you should tend to in order to ensure an easy start come spring.

Clean Up Rotting Plants

“Remove your annuals that have finished blooming and are looking less-than-fresh. It may seem cruel to dig out a plant, but they won’t last the winter and it’s a lot easier to dispose of them now rather than waiting until spring.” - West Coast Gardens

So, give your ground some time to breathe and refresh itself. Remove anything that might rot or attract unwanted pests when the weather starts to warm again.

Replenish Mulch

Mulch comes with a ton of benefits for your garden. These include protection from weeds and erosion as well as providing much needed nutrients. But, mulch can also serve as a type of blanket for your garden when the weather dips below zero.

“A thick layer of mulch around root vegetables left in the garden for your fall and winter harvest can buffer against hard frosts and prolong your crop.” - EarthEasy


Pruning is an important part of preparing your garden for winter. While it can be a tedious task, make sure to rid your trees and landscape of anything that might be a hazard.

“...once the snow and storms hit, it could mean falling limbs or branches as well as unrecoverable plants.” - West Coast Gardens

So, get rid of dead branches and any diseased limbs to make sure you’re ready for the storm ahead! For more on trimming and pruning, check out our blog post!

Clean Your Tools!

Tool cleaning is often overlooked. But, taking the time to make sure your tools are properly cleaned and stored can make all the difference.

“Good tools aren’t cheap, but if you treat them well they’ll last you for years.” - Gardening Know How

The ground doesn't usually freeze until just after the holidays, but it's important to prep your garden before it does. Trust us, you’ll be grateful in the spring when your seasonal work is significantly reduced!

Need help preparing your garden for seasonal changes? Contact us today for a FREE quote - we’d love to help you with your landscaping needs!

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