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How To Maximize Outdoor Living & Extend It Into Winter

When the temperature drops, Canadians begin to look for ways to extend outdoor living into the colder months.

With the simple addition of things like evergreen trees and sufficient heat sources, you can have a patio season that lasts all year! Here’s how:

Berrying Shrubs & Trees

In winter, everything seems cold and dead. However, it’s actually easy to brighten up your outdoor space with colourful plants that add life to your landscape.

Popular berrying winter plants include:

Winterberry - has a vibrant red hue

Northern Bayberry - hardy and can grow quite large (5 ft+ )

Southern Arrowwood - attracts many kinds of birds

Chokeberry - native to Canada and bares berries that will stay throughout the winter

Evergreens and berrying shrubs and trees are your best bet for robust winter plants. Check out our blog on the best plant species for Canadians year-round!

Install A Firepit Or Heat Lamp

The most important part of extending outdoor life into the winter is finding a way to keep warm. Blankets and throws are a great choice, but they can get damp and might not provide sufficient warmth.

“Firepits are generally a more affordable option for patio heating and provide the perfect place for family and friends to gather to spend time together, swap stories or celebrate special occasions.” - Install It Direct

Whether it’s a fire pit or infrared lamp, installing a portable or permanent outdoor heat source will make sure you and your guests are comfy and cozy all season long!

Continue To BBQ

While most Canadians associate barbecuing with summer, you shouldn’t let the cold weather stop you from firing up the grill!

Just remember to dress for the occasion and allow your grill sufficient time to heat up. Everything takes a bit longer in the cold weather, so it’s worth it to invest in a meat thermometer. A proper gage will ensure your food is thoroughly cooked and safe to eat.

“Just because the snow is falling and the temperature is dropping, that doesn’t mean you can’t break out the barbecue.” - Canadian Living

Add Lighting For A Magical Touch

With the addition of lighting, you can add warmth to your outdoor space and make it more inviting.

“If you really want to add bold lighting to your home cogitate adding lights to your entire porch area. Dangle lights from your ceiling, wrap them around your porch structure or stick them around your front door for a well-lit porch that becomes your very own winter wonderland.” - Trendir

Dress up your patio and walkways with fairy lights and spotlights. You can also light trees and other outdoor features to add depth to an otherwise drab landscape.

Preparing your patio for winter often means turning it down for the season. However, if you try out some of these ideas, you can enjoy a cozy night under the stars all year long!

Need help with your landscape this winter? Contact us today to get a FREE quote - we’d love to help!

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