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How to add some colour into your home this winter with indoor plants

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

With winter fast approaching, very soon the colourful leaves of fall will be gone and the world will begin to look a bit dreary, but that doesn’t mean your home has to!

You can bring some outdoor plants indoors for the winter, but you can also get plants that thrive indoors all year round. Here are some indoor plants you can grow that will help keep your home colourful during the long winter months.

African Violets

These flowers come in a whole bunch of bright colours like violet (of course), pink, white, and a whole array of combinations. Even if you don’t have much space in your house, these flowers are very small and don’t take up a lot of space. Just give them some water and indirect light and they’re good!

“In winter, a sunny east-facing window is the ideal place to keep them.” - HGTV

African Violets aren’t all that hard to find at a store either. You can find them in the flower section of tons of grocery stores. They’re a very popular indoor plant.


Just like African Violets, Orchids come in a variety of colours and can often be found at grocery stores for purchase. Orchids come in tons of different patterns and a couple of different sizes. They’re a colourful and exotic looking plant, perfect for adding a pop of colour to your house during winter.

“For a more generous area and a slightly cooler room, choose graceful cymbidium orchids. These are rather large and grand but can be stood outdoors for summer.” - Country Living

A useful trick for watering these plants is to do so with an ice cube. They do better when receiving the water slowly and a melting ice cube does just that.

Christmas Cactus

A Christmas cactus is a very durable indoor plant with red and pink flowers to keep your house looking bright and colourful.

“They range in color, thrive on neglect, and can be kept indoors year-round or moved outside for the summer in full shade,” - Barbara Pierson on Real Simple

You’ll find these everywhere for purchase in the months and weeks before Christmas, but they’re beautiful year-round!


These fluorescent, colourful plants are well suited for the indoors and add an exotic touch to your winter life—all while being pretty low maintenance.

“It does not need full sunlight and actually grows better in shady spots so a bathroom is the perfect place to set your bromeliad up. Know that bromeliad is not a thirsty plant; only water it when it looks very dry.” - Urban Gardeners Republic

Match this with another orchid and you’ll barely even remember it’s the winter as you lounge in your living room surrounded by your exotic indoor garden.

It’s always nice to have plants growing even during the fall months and especially in the midst of a dreadfully cold winter. You don’t need warm weather to keep the colour and plants in your life, all you need is some indoor plants and you’re good!

Need help with your landscape this winter? Contact us today to get a FREE quote—we’d love to help!

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