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How To Add Colour & Life To Your Fall/Winter Landscape

Soon, the trees will shed their colourful leaves and landscapes will be blanketed with snow.

While snow can be an excellent insulator for your garden during the colder months, it can leave your landscape devoid of colour. So, here are some ways you can bring the life back!

Plant Year-Round Plants

Canadians can embrace the aesthetics of a beautiful winter scene by planting species that have the potential to thrive year-round.

Species like blue spruce, winterberry and coneflowers are an especially common choice for winter plants. This is because they can bloom throughout the year and feature different colors each season!

Read more by checking out our blog on the best plant species for Canadians year-round!

Attract Wild Birds

The cold Canadian months can be a difficult time for wild birds.

“Frigid temperatures, blustery storms and limited food supplies make winter the harshest season. Bird mortality is actually quite high throughout the long winter season.” - Beautiful Blooms

So homeowners that leave food and water out have the chance to attract wild birds to their property.

Try to “offer food that is higher in fat because birds need to move more in order to stay warm and survive the cold. There are many different types of feeders including open tray feeders, tube feeders, suet baskets and mesh socks.” - Global News

The proper feeder will make your landscape an inviting oasis for birds seeking refuge. So, experiment and see what works best for you. Your efforts will be rewarded when your winter landscape is bustling and full of life!

Get Creative!

While many of your favorite plants will shed their colours in the colder months, you can maintain a vibrant landscape through other outdoor features.

There are lots of creative ideas if you know where to look for them. Check out these tips from High Tech Landscapes for some inspiration:

- “Place a bright red or green wheelbarrow on its side or tipped forward on the lawn or beside the walkway, and place potted year-round greens in it.

- Tie up a bundle of Indian corn and hang it from the mailbox post, garden gate or on the garage door.

- Tie a brightly colored scarf around a pale, drab garden statue, or wrap a wide colored ribbon around columns or gate posts/fence posts.

- Grab a bright red bushel basket or any colorful basket or crate, and fill it with pinecones. Place it out front in a good spot.” - High Tech Landscapes

Fall and winter can be some of the best times of the year to experiment with decor. So, don’t be afraid to get creative with your outdoor design during the colder months. Even simple features like fairy lights can bring a much needed touch of warmth to an otherwise dull landscape.

Don’t exactly have a green thumb? That’s okay! Instead of struggling with your landscaping, let us take over. Contact us today to get a FREE quote!

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