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Affordable Landscaping Ideas For A More Memorable Entrance

The entrance to your property is the first thing people see.

A thoughtful entrance makes the difference in how others perceive your home and is an affordable investment that can increase your property value.

So whether your property has one main entrance, or several, here’s how to make a good first impression:

Use More Colour

Colour tells a story. It also sets a theme for your entrance and invites people in.

You can introduce colour into your property’s entrance through signs, outdoor art and stonework.

“Install vibrant beds of flowering plants, including a variety of annuals and perennials. Color will punctuate the entrance with visual eye-candy. (Who doesn’t love to see billowing beds of bright blooms?)” - Schill Grounds Management

Carve A Path

With an endless choice of stones, finishes and inlays, a thoughtfully placed walkway is a beautiful addition to any entranceway. But they serve a practical purpose as well.

Walkways guide people to and around your property and make sure that they don’t step over flowerbeds or damage fragile installments. They also keep shoes clean so that mud isn't trampled inside every time someone enters your property.

Here’s a list of 19 garden path ideas to get you inspired!

Consider The View From All Angles

A memorable entrance is about more than curb appeal.

Does your entrance look good from the sides? From behind? From the second floor balcony? Though an entrance’s main purpose is to welcome people to your property, it’s always a good idea to consider every vantage point.

When your entrance has 360° impact - it’s all the more memorable!

Make A Year-Round Statement

Whether it’s a fountain, a pond, or a giant tree, a front garden statement piece that lasts year-round always makes for a more striking and memorable entrance.

Native plants are a hardy, natural choice for some property entrances because they blend with the environment and are adapted to our region’s climate, so they require less care to thrive.” - Schill Grounds Management

So choose something large, sturdy and long-lasting to be the main event of your entranceway - it will make all the difference!

A properly groomed entrance tells visitors that you care and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Even a manicured lawn, a few thoughtful planters or a strategically place walkway can leave an impression that lasts.

Do you need help creating a memorable outdoor entrance? Contact us today to get a free quote! We’d love to help!

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